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Up Close: Karen Kelser

Meet Coach Karen Kelser

How have you been keeping yourself mentally and physically active while at home? What are some of your favorite mental and physical activities that the TSJFCV community can try?

KK: I have been reading a lot, mostly for my own growth, and to look for articles and training info that will inspire the boys in  the Under 9 through Under 12 age groups.

How are you using this time to plan and prepare for the spring season and seasons to follow?

Most importantly, I've been examining a number of different resources to figure out ways I can help my players embrace the importance of staying active, being responsible for and engaged in all of their activities, and accountable.

What book are you currently reading and why?

I'm reading books by Fergus Connolly and Jon Gordon because they talk about the importance of leadership and mindset, and obtaining ideas on instilling these in my work as an Age Group Director is important to me and the organization.

How are you using social media and other technology applications to be productive and stay connected to friends, family and co-workers?

I use Twitter for updates to family, friends and co-workers. I enjoy seeing themes posted that relate to coach and player needs. I also FaceTime quite a bit with my family.  I have enjoyed using Zoom for webinars and would like to do more of this going forward.

What books, blogs and/or websites do you recommend young players review to expand their tactical knowledge of the game?

Jon Gordon's Energy Bus.

What is your favorite "at home" food or snack that you are enjoying these days?

My favorite snacks are popcorn & kettle corn. For food, I look to browse through recipes and cook. Believe it or not, there are many are things you can make from the pantry.

How has this COVID-19 quarantine changed you?

I'm learning to enjoy solitude and time at home.  I'm also using this time to be creative in how to inspire myself and others.  Can I get in a preparation zone, mentally and stay curious.  This period is also allowing me time to stay in touch with people in different ways.

Hometown: Arlington, VA

Karen serves as Program Director for FCV Ashburn and oversees The St. James FC Virginia Boys' Travel Under 9 through Under 12 age group. A senior coach and leader, Karen holds a U.S. Soccer National A Level Coaching License, a National Youth License, KNVB Dutch Youth Coaching Diploma, and the NSCAA Advanced National Coaching License.

Click HERE to learn more about Karen's background and qualifications.