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Spotlight - FCV "Lifer" Cassidy Brown

Cassidy Brown, a senior on the FCV U19 DA Team, has played for FCV owner/director Christian Cziommer for more than half her life. Early on she played backyard, co-ed, and rec soccer before starting travel soccer with SYA, and then FCV for the last 8 years. Now, Cassidy is headed off in summer 2019 at Virginia Tech University.

Being a "lifer" with FCV and with Christian, we wanted to highlight her journey. We asked her mom, Susan Brown, some questions about their experience with the club.

FCV: So, why has FC Virginia been a good home for Cassidy over the years?

Susan Brown: "First and foremost, the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive under Christian and other FCV coaches for year after year has been priceless.  It’s provided Cassidy a consistent foundation that’s made her into the player she is today. FC Virginia coaches have literally watched Cassidy grow up right in front of their eyes - going through different phases of life, while providing her a safe place to learn, take risks and work on achieving her goals.  In my opinion, Christian has always had the innate ability to know each player’s strengths and grow them, while also developing skills and field vision that maybe don’t come as naturally.  During the countless hours Cassidy has spent with Christian, he’s taught her to successfully play just about every position on the pitch (except goalkeeper – but that’s another story – think U9 Thanksgiving tournament at the fields at Muldoon Farm J). He’s groomed Cassidy into the player she’s always strived to be, and given her the opportunities necessary to achieve her goal of becoming a D1 athlete at the school she’s dreamt of since she was a little girl – Virginia Tech."


FCV: What makes FCV special?

Susan Brown: "The coaches!!!  All of them!  Not only are they great at what they do, they’re fun to be with off the field as well.

Evergreen Sportsplex is unbeaten in terms of quality of the turf fields, amenities, and staff.  Nowhere we travel has a complex as nice or well-equipped as Evergreen.

The cohesive family atmosphere across all the age-groups. FCV feels very much like a big happy family no matter which teams your player is associated with."