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FCV Player Highlights

Coaches Surveys Most Commonly Asked Questions!

1) What is being done to insure correct roster sizes (too big and small)? 

Under new leadership this has been a transitional year for FCV and the direction of our teams.  Based on the incredibly experienced coaching staff, this was the first year of a new strategy that we believe will stabilize our staff, rosters and players. The ultimate goal is to have three to four teams in each age group, and have each of those teams excel within their level/league of play.  The success of teams within those levels will continue to draw talent from all over Northern Va (and beyond) in order to have, not just the right amount, but right type of player that we believe can thrive within the FCV system of play.  While we understand that this year had teams both too large and too small, our plan is to roster between 14 and 16 players from U9-U12 and 16-20 players for U13 and above.  The tryout process is an imperfect one, as we never know who is coming or going, but we believe we have now organized our staff and teams in a manner that will allow every team to reach those ideal sizes over the next year.  The biggest key in all of this will be growing our rec program and youngest age groups in order to develop players from the beginning.
2) I would like to see MY team on social media and the website...what can I do? 

As you read in the newsletter, we will be putting together committees for a variety of different areas of need.  Social Media will be an area that will get a lot of attention moving forward. We see an opportunity to grow our social presence among the FCV community and beyond through a broader range of posts, league news and player highlights. Additionally, we will be increasing our advertising campaigns and marketing efforts via these sites.  As far as individual teams are concerned, we would love for all teams to help with this process by sending a selection of team/game day photos as well as any highlighted information (player stats, results etc) to

3) We think our team would benefit from more this a possibility? 

Different teams benefit from different types of training, especially when it comes to particular age groups. One of the questions that is consistently asked by other countries when reviewing American soccer is regarding the heavy focus on winning games too early in development.  This approach often results in bigger/stronger/faster players being seen as the most important traits when wrongly assuming a player is of an elite caliber.  FCV focuses on a very technical, possession style of soccer.  We believe that training is much more important than games, specifically in the younger groups, so that kids develop the skills that will be more critical when competition tends to matter more. That said, we understand that we have to balance this with what is the competitive landscape of US soccer, but we will continue to develop players in the manner that has made us successful over the years, and continued to allow FCV to be involved in the highest levels of play throughout the country.

 4) Is there a rule for players guesting within club and their playing time? 

In somewhat of a continuation of the question about roster sizes, we are moving towards filling out every roster where guest players are not necessarily needed.  Of course there will be situations that arise due injuries, conflicts, specific aspects of the opponent, etc. when the coach may deem it necessary to bring in guest players.  The three main reasons behind this is to 1) fill out or help improve an existing team, 2) serve as a recruiting tool for players that might be interested in joining FCV, and 3) give players an opportunity to play with a higher level team as we aim to always push our players into challenges that may be justified by improved play.  

We also realize that often the success of any given team may lead to more (outside club) players' interest in FCV in upcoming seasons.  We have brought these situations to coaches attentions and want to ensure that there is an even balance of full-time players getting fair playing time, and guests getting the opportunity to help the team out in a manner that is relevant for the goal of that guests participation. 

Our staff is continuing to refine this approach and we will handle each situation case by case with the hope of improving the fluidity of this strategy, as well as our transparency in the goal and fairness to all players involved.  `
5) The cost of the program and thoughts on how we can reduce moving forward. 

A comprehensive description of club fees and what is included was outlined during the registration process when you first accepted a spot for your player.  The general terms include the preseason camp, the Fall and Spring Seasons, as well as the 8 week winter Futsal (along with coaching salary, field rental, league costs, insurance, administrative costs, etc).  Training should take place three days a week for all non-DA teams, during the spring and fall season, with optional/occasional training during Futsal season.  Futsal will run from the beginning of December through the end of February with all teams having 8 weeks of games. Your coaches are in the process of organizing the Futsal teams and schedules should be distributed shortly.  As for the actual dues, we are putting together fundraising and sponsorship committees with the goal of adding funds in a variety of areas including scholarships, building of FCV fields, and general reduction of club fees.  The more help we get from everyone involved in FCV, the greater chance we'll have in helping on the financial side in all areas.
6) We think our players could benefit from more of...“X” (conditioning, practicing set pieces, corner kicks, throw ins, Penalty kicks) ?

Based on the developmental phase of your player (u9-u12 Technical, U13-U14, Formation, U15-U19 Competitive), training sessions should be structured under the philosophies of skills that should be learned during those phases.  While each developmental phase is important and there is nothing worse than losing a game because a set piece wasn’t done correctly or a PK was missed, we believe that focusing on the other 98% of the game is more important in the long run. Coaches below U12 should be spending minimal time in these areas, with the occasional session being including when appropriate (as we lead up to tourney, etc).  These practices are also areas that either a player can practice on their own (PKs, practicing corners) or should make an effort to watch professional and college games to get ideas on skills they can put their own creative spin on. While the coach will guide in a lot of these restart specific aspects, players should discuss and instruct with other players what they see as an option depending on situations that arise during games. For example, playing against a team that is noticeably taller and more physical, the short corner, or quick restart on a set piece should be considered. We hope that the players who truly want to improve will consider these aspects when working on their own time. 
7) What are the plans for FCV owned/designated field space moving forward? 

One of the biggest and most immediate goals for FCV is to purchase land to build a facility. There are great benefits that come with having our own field space. That said, we understand this is one of the biggest financial aspects that a club can take on.  So, while it's important that we find the right fit, we would be grateful for the help and knowledge of our membership--whether you have an appropriate contact within real estate, you're willingness to sponsor or contribute to our field venture, if have an idea of existing space, or a relationship with a church that has available land…etc.  Any and all ideas are welcome. On the newsletter, this a committee that Christian will be heading, so feel free to reach out to him directly with ideas or interest in joining the committee.

8) We would like more communication from the club/coaches about plans/philosophies/player evaluations? 

This is a topic that we have really put some time and effort into this year.  With the newsletter, formation of committees, focus on social media, plans to do player evaluations, our hope is that this is something that vastly improves in the coming seasons.  We will be working with staff coaches to make sure we use a new club/team/player evaluation software to ensure there is some personalized feedback before the end of the calendar year.  Please feel free to follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter as we often communicate through those platforms.

9) We would like more social events...between players...parents...etc?

We are forming a Social Event Committee that we hope will tackle all of this!  In the past we've held our club-wide banquet and golf tournament. However, due to the bandwidth of the staff, these events seemed to come together on short notice and with limited communication.  We would love to expand on these events and hope to do this with your help. Through communication with our Social Event Committee, we welcome your ideas on ways to build out more social activities.  We will be exploring soccer-related events (such as game viewing/analysis parties) as well as other general social events (casino night, summer trips/camps, etc.), as well as working with local charities to get FCV involved in giving back to local, regional and national platforms.  

10) Tournament Selection and Placement.  

With the very rare exception FCV does not have control over tournament acceptances or division placement.  When deciding on what tournaments our teams will play in, we consider level of teams, prestige of tournament, travel costs and seasonal goal of the teams.  The only situation where we do have (some) control is when we are able to send MULTIPLE teams to a single tournament.  We do this in an attempt to receive a discounted fee, and in the hopes of guaranteed acceptance.  This usually does not end up being the case for some of the stronger tournaments (WAGS, JEFF Cup, Disney, etc).  Division placement is completely solely by the hosting tournament staff.  Requests can be made by managers and coaches as to their best guess on division, but FCV does not have input in the vast majority of these situations. Thus we like to attempt to put multiple teams in single tournaments, because it does end up being cost effective and gives us a little leverage.  While we are happy to help and communicate with tournament directors as permitted, obviously they make the final decisions as to the structure of all involved.

Thanks to everyone for their submissions.  
Any other specific questions that you may have feel free to direct them to Richie Burke on the Boys side, and Christian Cziommer or Cory Hanks on the girls.

Girls Season Wrap Up!

The 06 Girls Elite Came in 4th in the NPL out of 12 teams
Won WAGS tournament beating Ohio Elite in the finals ( 2-1)  and were finalist in Bethesda
Players to watch: Alysa Carrigan , Aleksia Christensen, Ariana and Azrayiah Davis ( the incredible twins ) and our top Goal keeper Brynn Alvarez ( that kept us alive at every final )
The 06 Premier
Won 5 and lost 3 games
Players to watch include Julia Wright, Rachel Whatley and Peyton Reed.

The 05 Premier
They won NCSL Division 1 with 8 wins 1 loss, 40 goals for and only 7 against. Players to watch are Mia Serna - incredible player, dynamic, skilled a real game changer
The 05 Pre DA Elite jumped to 3rd in  VA Gotsoccer rankings, improving over 40 spots over the course of the year.
Won the NPL with 43 goals for and only 3 against
Won Bethesda and now finishing the season at Disney
Players to watch: Reagan Ackermann - unstoppable forward with great lateral and forward speed - Amara Gleaves, just a great captain and leader of the group, great center mid-fielder with good vision and very hard work rate and our most composed forward player, Ava Galligan, makes it look so easy to finish under pressure.

04 Elite recap
The 04’s definitely gelled as a group this fall playing some free flowing soccer which will be vital for their development. Undefeated in 15 of their 20 games they played in all competitions. Coach Marvin couldn't be prouder of the overall team effort from the group. Player to watch: Striker Molly Seventko will be one to watch in the spring with her 15 goals and 3 assists in 19 games.

The 03 Elite Girls are still ongoing with a trip to CASL coming up and a Semi final State Cup to look forward to. Unbeaten in 12 of their 17 games to date. Players To Watch: Julie Galie leading the way with 14 goals in 17 and Madi Weiner following closely after her State Cup quarter final hat trick. With 10 goals 5 assists in 17.
02 Elite just completed their second season in the NPL. Considering the circumstances dictated by injuries, they were games we played with just 11 players, and just 1 goal with a few minutes left at Richmond from finishing third.  Everybody on the team played an important role and had a huge contribution to this outcome. Players to watch include:  Meghan Full who was leading the defensive line, Maddie Toelle who has done a nice job as holding mid, Cameron Shackford who has been having the most goal assists on the team (“assisting machine”) and Abby Jennings who is our top scorer.  As a recognition of our team improvement and strength at tournaments the group has been placed in the highest brackets where the group continues to be put up against some of the best in the Region.

The 01 Elite girls are probably one of the most underrated teams in the age group in the NOVA area.  After coming off a somewhat disappointing year,  it seems like this group has turned a corner in their play, driven by their motivation of playing at the next level.  Coach Marvin did an amazing job preparing them for this year, along with Coach Eric when they were younger.  Now mixed with a couple key additions, the group won the NPL going undefeated over their 9 game stretch giving up only 4 goals on the year.  In fact this group is yet to lose a game in regulation as their ONLY loss was against NC Fusions ENCL team in the first tournament of the year...lost in PKs 9-8.  Having tied their final game at the WAGS tournament, they placed second solely based on goal differential.  The group is at Disney this week, where they look to continue those winning ways, followed up by the NCFC (FKA CASL) tourney.  Kristina Skulte is the sole commit currently, having signed with Duquesne earlier this year.  But she is just one of many that have the talent to do so, and based on their remaining schedule, and if the group continues to work as hard as they have, those who should be signing college commitment letters should increase.  This would give FCV 2 straight years of NPL teams being involved in the College Soccer conversation.  Players to watch: The entire back line: Katelyn Reid, Teagan Oliver, Schae Groton, Mattie Hidalgo and Annalise Bickley.  Plus Forwards Emma Tran and leading goal scorer Bry Lawlor.

As the 00 Elite girls entered into what for some, was their final year of club soccer, the group remained consistent in what has been the vast majority of their goal all one of the elite teams in the NOVA area and Region.  Accomplishing that during NPL league play the group finished the season undefeated through their 9 games, tallying 24 goals for, and only 3 against, winning the NPL for the 3rd time in 5 years.  The team came up just one goal short of winning the TOP bracket at the WAGS tournament, And just one loss short at Bethesda.  This week the girls travel to Disney and then back for the NCFC tournament.  About half of the girls continue to have the goal of playing in college and four are in conversations about Division 1 offers as we speak, with Catie Bryant already committed to UMBC.  This will mark the first year in FCV that number of college commits VASTLY extends beyond the ECNL/DA teams and into our NPL groups.  With recruited tournaments just getting underway, it will be interesting to see how far this group will go in accomplishing their goals.  And with some of them having another year ahead of them, the sky is still the limit. Coach Cory has had a good number of these players since they were 8, 9 and 10 years old and has had an amazing time seeing them all the way through the Club Soccer Experience.  Players to watch include: new comer Maura Mann, and midfielder Ashley Brumagim.  

The FCV 00 Premier Team is a group that started from some kids that wanted to make a change coming from a variety of different clubs, mixed with some of our FCV 01s and 00s that continue to play solely for the love of the game.  But the group turned heads in NPL play, playing against top teams at other clubs and having some very favorable results.  Some of these kids are playing up THREE full years, and not only holding their own, but proving that going into the spring and next fall, they will be pushing some of our Elite and DA teams for roster spots.  What was most impressive about this group was the ability to handle diversity and overcome it.  

FCV Rising!!

Boys Season Wrap Up!

"FCV Boys program made enormous strides during the course of a very productive Fall 2017 Season and I'm really proud of the progress made by all of our players and teams. Even if the face of some unfavorable results for some of our younger groups, our FCV teams continued to apply good principles of play and displayed some very encouraging sequences of passing and ball movement. Coaches have laid some important foundations for us to build on moving forward and kudos must go to all of those FCV Boys Staff who have been instrumental in the successes we've enjoyed this term.

FCV teams from U'14 through U'19 were prominent in NPL standings for most of the Fall 2017 campaign and certainly proved to be teams that other clubs greatly respected. All age appropriate teams (U'15 through U'19) qualified and are currently vying for US Club Soccer State Cup and have matches over the coming weeks. Watching these teams compete has been incredibly gratifying this term and I'm 'over-the-moon" at our current levels of play with all of older teams. We are now enjoying relevance as a club on the BOYS side.

Priority for the club is to grow both horizontally and vertically in the U'9-12 Foundation Phase of the club. Both U'9s and U'10s enjoyed successful seasons in their respective 7-a-side league play, though we are hoping for more from them as we progress into the spring season. Ideally, we would expand both rosters to establish an Elite and Premier pathway, which would allow us to advance the players' skills in a more appropriate manner.  

The same can be said for our U'11s and U'12s, though our two older 9-a-side groups have managed to make significant improvement over the course of the fall season. I'll have to burden the responsibility for overreaching with our U'11 group, who found the demands of the NPL a bit too much this term. That particular group will play in the NCSL this spring, with efforts currently underway to bring in a NEW U'11 Elite team to FCV. Perhaps the most impressive growth was with our U'12B Elite team, who added a number of players from our Premier side which continues to develop on a positive track. Coaches in the U'12 age range were thrilled at the progress made with our '06 players and we are very much looking forward to the Spring 2018 season with these players.

Please help us reach out to players who you feel may contribute to our vertical growth as a BOYS PROGRAM. We are looking to add on average about 3 top players to each team during this midseason tryout process, which we believe will push us further along the competitive and development pathway.

Parent support this term has been magnificent and I have thoroughly enjoyed the positivity and relentless encouragement for our players that comes from the sidelines. I know our coaching staff greatly appreciate the parent interaction on games days and have welcomed the warm support for everyone involved with our FCV Boys Program. As a club, we are very fortunate to have such great kids and an loyal, supportive group of parents who have been a joy to work with as we try to develop our players. Thank you for all that you do and have done throughout this Fall Season.  

FCV Rising! ....."

Girls Weekly Player Highlights

08 groups both had tough losses this week, but are developing nicely as they get ready for next year's NPL play. Maya Engel and Sydney Over were the strongest players on the field for their respective teams and are going to push players across the age group for Coach Eric and Coach Christine.  The coaches continue to know our U10s still have their best soccer in front of them, but hard work will be the only way to reach those developmental goals.

Our O7s had yet another winning weekend, dominating both games in Richmond,  8-0 vs Strikers and 2-0 vs Kickers.  Reagan Tarquinio and Sadie Peterson each had two goals over the two days and added to the team's plus 31 Goal differential on the season.  

The 07 Premier team had a 1-1 ties and Samantha Shroeder was in Coach Christine's good graces as she had one of the most well-rounded performances all year. 

As our 06s play in their final year of small-sided soccer, the group continues to excel and grow into what should make a great Pre-DA 11 aside team. With a 2-1 over Strikers, Aleksia Christensen continues to impress as an outside back, not only with her shut down defending but also making runs and getting involved in the attack. And with Alysa Carrigan as the center back for this group, the 06s are averaging only 1 goal against for the season.  Alysa has been a great addition this year, as one of the most composed and technical defenders in our younger age groups.

Our 05s remained undefeated, avenging one of their only losses from last year with a dominating 5-0 performance against Strikers.  Reagan Ackerman is one of the most exciting young players on the field in an already very talented 05 group.  After returning from injury, she joins a team that has not lost in league play and looks to close out the season without a loss. Maya Almeda has become one of the most reliable, impressive defenders for Coach Gus as she's always relied upon to shut down the most talented forwards for opposing clubs. 
Our 04s lost 3-2 vs Strikers but their excellent play was rewarded Sunday with a 3-1 win over Kickers.  Coach Marvin remains excited about how this group continues to develop and improve, making adjustments to their play week after week. Molly Seventko had 4 goals over the two days, while Reagan Reed and Taylor Mcully each had two assists, with Taylor also tallying a goal over the weekend.

The 03 Premier won 4-2, bringing their seasonal record to 6-1.  Sydney Kumor was our player of the match, as she is always dangerous on the right flank.  With two games left, this group is tied for first, and will go up against the other top team on the final weekend of NCSL play on November 5th.

The 02 Elite group had one of the most impressive wins of the year, traveling to Richmond with only 11 players.  Coach Linte was incredibly proud of this whole group, as they had no choice but to fight hard for 80 minutes.  Cameron Shackford is showing incredibly strong potential as she is always involved in the build up and constantly gives her teammates an opportunity to finish. She is becoming an “assist machine” for the group!

The 01s notch one more win to stay unblemished on the year.  Morgan Biebighauser returned from injury to get a goal, to compliment both Erin Embroski and Bryana Lawlors tallies, giving the 01s a 3-0 win.  The backline of this group anchored this team in the shutout, and has only giving up 2 goals all season. 

The 00 Elite group got a 1-0 win against Kickers.  They are trying not to look beyond the upcoming Great Falls game, but have their eye on VA Rush as neither of the two teams have a loss, and the outcome will determine the league champion.  Caitlin Violet is in midseason form as she is one of the most composed midfielders of the age group.  As one of the captains, she is starting to show tremendous leadership to guide this group to continued success. 

The 00 Premier group got a 7-0 win over PWSI, avenging what was their only non-win (a tie) so far this season.  Maggie Sams had a hat trick, with one of the prettiest goals all season, a top corner header off an Abbie Little cross.  And Rachel Cundey and Annie Chaale got the shutout, with Rachel also tallying a goal of her own, subbing in as a striker in the final 20 minutes of play.  Coach Cory is thrilled at how well the players on this team have meshed and is confident the group will be the strength of a number of Elite teams in upcoming years.

Week 4 Player Highlights

NPL Game Schedules

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USDA Game Schedules

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Week Three Player Highlights

Girls Week Three Player Highlights

FCV NPL Girls Teams go 7-2 vs Vienna!

NCSL Teams go 7-2-1!

Our 08 Elite girls stayed undefeated this weekend, with a win over MSI and a tie vs Great Falls. Peace Veazy is in Coach Eric's good graces with multiple goals and assists, and most importantly a relentless work rate.  

The O8 Premier group won both their games against Great Falls and MSI.  Audrey Hayward had a strong performance all weekend providing a spark with her strong tackles, quality work rate and precision distribution..  

The 07 Elite group continue to dominate their first season in the NPL, with a 5-1 win over Vienna. Lily Stevens is one of THREE 08 players playing up in this age group and continues to reinforce FCV's talent at the youngest age groups, tallying two goals and one assist on Sunday.  This team is 5-0 on the season with 29 goals for and only 3 against.

The 07 Premier group went 2-0 this weekend beating Waldorf's top team, and also getting the victory against PAC.  Skye White had a stellar weekend doing all the little things that make players great -- winning 50/50s, working hard and maintaining possession through her accurate passing.  

The 06 NPL Elite group won 4-0 putting their season record at 4-1 with a stat line of 25 goals for and 3 goals against over the 5 game stretch. This group still has a shot at winning their division.  Ariana Davis continues to shine as one of the twin towers that joined FCV this year.  Her composure on the ball and scoring prowess has been top notch all year. 

Our 05 Elite Girls won 9-0, making them 5-0-1 on the season and sharing the top spot with VSA who was the lone draw.  With 29 goals for and 1 against (vs VSA) this group has the rest of the NPL shaking in their boots.  The next game against the Richmond Strikers could decide the seasonal champ.  Ava Galligan could have her own highlight reel, racking up 5 of the 9 goals.  And Rachel Whatley, our Girls Goalkeeper of the Week, stepped up from our Premier group to get the shutout, filling in for GK Teagan Gardner who was out due to an injury. 

The 05 Premiers suffered their first lost of the season in NCSL Division 1.  But they look to rebound this week against the number 1 undefeated Herndon Curve.  Sofia Kistner continues to be an intimidating force in the midfield and Coach Gus and Coach Jimmie continue to rely on her in a number of positions. 

The 04 Elite squad won 2-1 in one of the first games of the morning this past Sunday.  Taylor McCully buried one goal and had an assist to have her hand--or foot--in both tallies to give them the win.  This group started the season with 2 losses, and since has had 1 tie and two straight victories.  A couple of minor adjustments and Coach Marvin has this group playing some good soccer, as they look to the second half of the season.

The 04 Premier won both games their games this weekend, recording 2-1 victories over both CSA Impact and cross town rivals AUFC black.  Both center back Hannah Jablonka and midfielder Clair McCarthy continue to keep the middle of the field composed as their strong play captained what were two big victories.  This group also started with a single loss and hasn't looked back, tying 1 and winning 4 since.

The 03 Elites suffered their first loss of the season this week, and now have a 4-1-1 record in the U15 age group.  Vienna is the only team without a loss in this bracket and our girls should be pumped to play them again...we have them in the second game of the WAGS tournament next weekend.  Coach Marvin is going to demand a lot out of the girls next week in training, so we will see who is up for the challenge. 

The 03 Premier group played with 10 players against CFC 03 red, suffering a tough 3-2 loss in the last 5 min.  Coach Samir and Coach Marvin couldn't be prouder of the way the girls played with no subs and in intense heat.  Player of the match was Melissa  Diaz as she continues to be consistent week to week, scoring another goal in this tough defeat.

The 02 Elite group lost 3-0.  Still suffering from a few injuries, the week off is well-timed as the group looks to heal.   Big weekend ahead in the WAGS tournament as the team has been placed in the second highest bracket, and will face some of the best teams in the region. 

The 01 Elite group took home the victory in the 8am game at Oakton High School, winning 2-1. With arguably two of the toughest games of the season coming up, this group looks to fine tune a few things as they hope to win their NPL division.

The 00 Elite group had one of their best games of the year, winning 3-1 against Vienna.  Maura Mann was our player of the match as she scored the first goal of the game and helped the back line stay strong against some of the best forwards in the league.  Coach Cory had this game on his radar all year, as Maura came over from Vienna and wanted to produce against her old club.  And that she did!  This group is one of the only teams with a game this coming weekend, going up against another undefeated team on Monday, VSA.

The 00 Premier squad won 2-1 against another consistently strong Vienna group.  Center back Ashley Bergen continues to show amazing confidence as she partners with Molly Grubbs in the center of the back line.  Bergen's unofficial size is 3 feet 4 inches, weighing in at 74 lbs soaking wet.  But you would never know it as she constantly stands up to players two or three times her size.  A bunch of first year FCV players on this team continue to impress.  Maggie Sams, Molly Grubbs, Mia DiSerafino, Annie Chaale, Abbie Little, Ashley Trolinger and Caroline Krupka are becoming regular guest players on Elite teams in a number of age groups--with the future being bright for the whole group.  

Congrats to the continued success of all our teams this week!

**Note-Ashley Bergens official height and weight is unknown.

Week Two Boys Best 11

Week Two Girls Best 11

FCV Girls Player Highlights Week 2

08 Premier wins 4-2 with Maya Engel giving a top quality performance recording 1 goal and 2 assists. Coach Eric Davey continues to be impressed with this squad as they are really starting to learn the game and expand the depth of a very strong age group. 

08 Elite had a tough loss against PWSI’s top team.  Coach Eric hopes this lights a fire in this group, as he is confident in how dominant they can be.  Hard work often outshines talent, and he doesn’t want the team to get outworked again. Even in the loss, Isa Martin was the best player on the field.

07 Premier won 11-0 versus our neighboring rival Sterling FC.  Abigail Hill and Skye White continued to anchor the team with their strong effort and focus on possession style soccer, successfully connecting passes throughout game. Abi is the teams player of the weekend, with her willingness to play in multiple positions, and great vision during our transition and attack.  Ava Mitchell and Maddy Rice also had great games this weekend with strong defending and use of width and space in transition.  Coach Christine couldn’t be more positive of how great they played and how much of a team effort the two games were.

07 Elite had a 9-0 win vs PWSI in NPL league play on Sunday.  Coach Eric said this was the best group performance of the year, but had to tip his hat to Mya Townes who had a hat trick on the day. This group stays top of the table and remains undefeated, scoring 24 goals over the 4 game stretch while only giving up 2.

06 Premier won 14-0 (no that is not a typo!) on Saturday.  Hope Veazy, after joining FCV last season, is without a doubt one of the most improved players in the club.  She notched multiple assists this weekend and Coach Jimmie is always amazed by her relentless effort and work rate. 

06 Elite group had a well fought 0-0 tie versus VSA on Friday, but couldn’t get past the Courage this weekend, suffering a 3-1 loss.  This is the team's first blemish of the season, and Coach Gus knows how talented the group is and how they will rebound with authority!  Goalkeeper Brynn Alvarez was incredibly strong between the pipes over the three day stretch.  Gus commented on how hard she has worked moving up from the Premier group last season and looks forward to seeing how she can continue to grow in goal.

05 Elite group got a big 2-0 win vs PWSI after tying them the past two seasons.  Ella Guzulaitus and Maya Almeda continue to be incredibly solid as center backs, helping the team keep clean sheets in 4 of their 5 games, and keeping this group undefeated.  

05 Premier team secured their third straight win in NCSL Division 1 Sunday. After a solid 3-0 win Saturday, they closed out the double header weekend with a 5-4 win over a tough Stafford squad.  Ella Peterson was the MVP with 2 big goals on Saturday, and 1 on Sunday!  After winning Division 2 last year, this group continues to impress against some of the best NCSL teams in the area. 

04 Premier continues their winning ways, soundly defeating CYA Black 8-0.  Kailey Rochoa, Laura Sanchez, Natalie Schmidt and Savana Smith all had a single tally on the day, with Melissa Diaz scoring 4 to give our 04 Premier their second win of the weekend!

04 Elite Group were victorious with a 5-0 win.  Molly Seventko buried three in the back of the net to earn the hat trick.  And GK Katherine Clarke came up big keeping PWSI scoreless to help her team go three straight weeks without a loss.

03 Premier group had a nice 4-2 win against the CSPA Comets.  Melissa Diaz had another big game with two goals to help secure the victory.  Melissa, who is playing UP with the 03s, continues to be a player that Coach Samir and Coach Marvin rely on to be the focal point of both the 03 and 04 Premier age groups!

02 Elite suffered their first loss on the season against PWSI.  Coach Linte knows his players can perform better than this, and looks forward to seeing how they react, and how mentally strong they can be as they look to rebound against Vienna next week.  Coach Linte appreciated Mia DiSerafino and Maggie Sams helping out this week, as this group has caught the injury bug.

01 Elite continued to show they are in the hunt for a league title, with a dominating 7-0 win vs PWSI. Amanda Pinkos is killing it in the midfield as a key contributor in the attack and keeping the opposition at bay as she relentlessly wins 50/50s.  As this group looks ahead to the tough portion of their season, they seem to be getting better and better each week.

00 Premier left over 30 shots on the field, not being able to finish one.  The 0-0 tie wasn’t indicative of how dominating the team's performance was, but will go down as a lesson that no one will remember the effort, they will only see the result.  Coach Cory is confident this very talented Premier group will continue to improve and surprise people all year (if they can finish!)  Backs Ashley Bergen, Molly Grubbs, Emily Salazar, Skylar Stephenson and Sophie Lee helped Goalie Annie Chaale keep PWSI scoreless.  Cory sees such potential in this group and looks forward to seeing how they will respond this week in training. 

00 Elite got a win against PWSI, 2-0.  Annika Commendador was the strongest player on the field.  She came up big defense in the middle and scored a beautiful goal after stepping in front of a PWSI pass, burying a shot just under the bar from 30 yards out. 

FCV Boys Week 1 Best 11

FC Virginia Girls Player Highlights Week 1

U10 Elite Girls had goal scoring machines on both the Elite and Premier teams with Gianna Brown scoring 7 goals in 2 games for Elite, and Sydney Over with 5 goals over the same stretch for the Premier group.  Both groups hope to fight for winning records and top spots in their NCSL divisions all season.

The U11 Elite Girls won 4-1 vs Gunston. Penelope Kern dominated the center back position, playing against the Gunston 07s. Coach Eric commented on Penelope always going in strong on all her tackles and starting the attack with beautiful distribution to help give our girls the win.  

The U11 Premier group was lead by Eden Dombek who had an amazing all around game, with her relentless hustle and aggressiveness, effective ball distribution and great play in goal....continuing to show the depth of this age group.

U12 Elite girls' win 3-1 has welcomed Ariana and Azrayiah Davis, otherwise known as the twin towers, (ok, maybe not towers, but ballers for sure) to the team this season.  The two of them seem to be the missing links for this group along with newcomers Ashley Odeh and Alysa Carrigan.  An already strong group got stronger this year as they look ahead to one of the toughest games of the season this coming week vs PWSI.  Aleksia Christensen was solid in the back line as well, really thriving in that position and understanding how to get involved in the attack in transition.

U13 Premier Group started the season with a 3-0 win on Saturday vs Winchester.  Maya Greenhalgh had a fantastic day connecting passes as a result of really good decision making.  Hannah Adnan and Rachel Whatley shared the goalkeeping responsibilities tallying the first shutout of what should be many over the course of the year.

U13 Elite group got an 8-1 win. Amara Gleaves anchored the center midfield, as well as peppered the Gunston GK with a barrage of shots. Teagan Gardner only gave up one goal on a tough penalty kick, which is just the first goal she has given up ALL season!  This group will be fighting for the NPL championship this season as the group grows more and more comfortable on the big field.

U14 Premier group came back from a tough opening loss on Saturday to get a great 1-0 win versus A3 Fulham on Sunday.  Playmaker Laura Sanchez scored a beautiful goal for the group to ensure they evened out their record over the weekend.

U15 Premier group had a nice NCSL win against Great Falls notching a 2-1 victory in their season opener. Ashley Lawlor dominated the center mid spot controlling the play on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

U15 Elite won 3-1. Maddie Weiner, who is also one of our USDA Developmental Players, was the best player on the field today.  The group went down a goal, but Weiner took over the game in the attacking end helping her team secure their third straight victory of the season to start off 3 and 0.

U16 Elite had another victory to also start 3-0 on the season. Abby Janiga with just another hatrick on the week, but not to be outdone by Madison Toelle who had 2 goals, one of them being an amazing strike from 25 yards out.  DA Coach Julie Shackford’s daughter Cami had another one of the goals, with Catie Stack rounding out the scoring to give the 02s a 7-0 victory.

U17 Elite Kristina Skulte lead the team with 2 goals as the Elite team continues their undefeated ways.  Guest goalkeeper Annie Chaale kept the clean sheet with the help of one of the strongest back lines in the club.  Teagan Oliver, Schae Groton, Mattie Hidalgo, Katelyn Reid, and last year's U15-19 Girls Player of the Year Annalise Bickley have now only let in one goal (pk) on the season. 

The U17 Heat group also remained undefeated in the NPL, playing under the Annandale NPL slot this season. Coach Marcelo has this team playing some very  good soccer in the group's first year in the NPL.  Ashley Pandelides continues to be a dangerous scoring threat in the attack. 

U18s Elite won 8-0.  Ashley Brumagim and Holland Cunningham both had 2 goals on the day giving this group a win in their first league game. When Brumagim scores on a header, and Holland scores a volley with her left foot, you know this team is having a good day.  

U18s Premier had a good day with a 3-0 victory over Great Falls top team.  Ashley Trollinger continues to impress as one of the new players at FCV this year. Her vision on the field, composure, and desire to go to goal has really given this team an attacking presence in the midfield.  This is a group playing with three 2002 players and ELEVEN 2001 players in a 00/99 age group.  This team continues to prove the strength of our 00 age group and how talented and deep teams can be if they just stay the course . . . with FCV.