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NEW FCV ASHBURN ACADEMY (additional training)

Academy Provides extra training and opportunities- For Regular Spring Soccer Season Click Here!


FCV Ashburn has designed a completely new academy program for Spring 2018  MORE INFORMATION

FCV ASHBURN ACADEMY is intended for those children more seriously focused on soccer, and for players (and parents) who are willing to make a stronger commitment to prioritizing development above the social aspects of youth soccer.  It serves as an introduction to Travel.  Play participate in regular Recreation schedule games and practice.  Academy Members also get:

  • Extra Practice on Friday Night 6 pm at Bles Park
  • 3/4 Extra game (on Saturday's TBA)
  • Spot on Allstar teams at no additional cost! (Minimum 3 games in Allstar Tournament) 
  • A curriculum with a heavy emphasis on individual techniques

 The Academy will be open to Boys & Girls with Year of Birth:

  • 2011
  • 2010
  • 2009
  • 2008

The program's benefits:

We will be forming teams boys & girls to train and play in 7 vs. 7  games against other clubs, like Great Falls, AUFC, and FC Leesburg.  The Academy teams will also play in the FPYSC Allstar tournament in June.

The Fee will include all games, training and tournament participation. The cost of the program is $99 per month x 3 month= $297 total.   (The fee is structured in payment similar to travel soccer)

  • $99 will be due at registration,
  • $99 will be due on April 1st, 2018
  • $99 will be due on May 1st, 2018

$35 for a uniform for new players to FCV Ashburn only.

Scholarships Available call 678-595-7414


If you have already registered for Recreation Soccer the additional charge is $150 at check-out (Just click already registered with rec when prompted)

Scholarships Available call 678-595-7414

The curriculum will have players work on  7 vs. 7. Games against other Academies will be 7 vs 7- a heavy emphasis will be placed on individual ball control, allowing each player to become more comfortable, confident and creative with their foot skills while nurturing their passion and enjoyment for soccer.

Sessions will feature:

  • Dribbling for possession (changes of direction, shielding)
  • Dribbling for penetration
  • First touch
  • Passing
  • Finishing and ball-striking

Groups are likely to change every week or two, which permits players to play with and against a variety of players while also working with each coach in the program. Families will receive notification each week in regards to their child’s assignment for that week, along with other updates.

All training sessions will be at Bles Park on Friday- games will be at Bles Park and also at other locations TBA.