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Puppione Hired as Technical Director for FC Virginia DA

FC Virginia has announced the hiring of Bobby Puppione as the club’s new Girls DA Technical Director. Puppione joins FCV after eight years at CUP/Cincinnati United in Ohio. There he was the Girls Director of Coaching and also the Technical Director for the Cincinnati Development Academy. He has been an assistant coach and scout with the US Soccer Youth National Team system for the last three years. Currently, he is on the board with the Washington DC/Baltimore based non-profit charity Leveling the Playing Field, which helps bring athletic participation to underprivileged children across the United States.


What is the US Soccer Development Academy?
U.S. Soccer started the Development Academy Program to improve long-term player and coach development. After studying player development models domestically and internationally, U.S. Soccer collaborated with elite soccer clubs across the nation to create a program to provide the proper environment by emphasizing quality training and limited meaningful competition
What are the benefits of playing in the Development Academy?
There are many benefits of playing in the DA. These benefits include:
Consistent, high level training environment
Professional, highly licensed coaches
More meaningful games
Schedule designed to improve periodization and help reduce the risk of injury
College exposure at first class events, matches, and training
Matches regularly attended by US Soccer Scouts and Coaches
What are some of the other included benefits that the FC Virginia Development Academy has compared to other clubs?
GPS monitoring for all players to improve player monitoring and injury prevention
All games videotaped and analyzed for players
Futsal training (included in the cost)
Proven track record of developing players and sending them off to college and beyond
Character and leadership development activities to help further develop the players for their futures
How is the Development Academy good for college recruiting?
The DA has already shown it is the “go to” event for college coaches. Here are some of the benefits of the DA with college recruiting: 3 National Showcase Events scheduled when colleges can attend
Ability for DA teams to attend other college showcase events outside of these 3 events
Match to rest ratio allowing for quality matches for colleges to see players at their best
Hundreds of colleges attended the first DA Showcase of the year in Florida 2017
What are some other college recruiting benefits for the DA and FCV?
College Recruiting Director at FCV - Bobby Puppione - highly experienced and nationally known for his work in helping players navigate the college recruiting process
College coaches regularly attending training and league matches to watch FCV play
College coaches will be given access to video of DA matches to evaluate players (through our video capabilities)
FCV teams attend other DA approved college showcase events to further increase exposure
What has the feedback been from college coaches about the Development Academy?
The response from college coaches about the DA has been very positive. Coaches have noticed the high level quality of matches, the sharpness of players (from the training to match ratio and periodization), and the ability to better evaluate players for their college program.

Q&A with DA Technical Director Bobby Puppione

We caught up with new Girls Technical Director Bobby Puppione to check in with him
as he begins working with FCV.

Christian Cziommer

Academy Director

Phone: 571-234-7073

Bobby Puppione

Technical Director DA

Phone: 205-239-7288

Mike Berry

DA Operations Director

Phone: 540-220-1912