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•OUR MISSION is to inspire and empower athletes to pursue their passion for soccer while engaged in innovative individual and team-based learning experiences that maximize potential.

•OUR VISION is to become the preeminent youth soccer program and resource center for emerging players and families in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area by the year 2022.


•OUR EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY is to inspire holistic growth in each child and curate positive experiences that reinforce the purpose of learning by doing. The St. James FC Virginia is child-centered, holistic in purpose and application, and scaled across all curricular platforms that offers each student-athlete age-appropriate instruction.

•At the core of the club is the Latin maxim principle, Non Scholae Sed Vitae Discimus, which translates to “we learn not for school, but for life.” This educational philosophy permeates across all aspects of the teaching, coaching, mentoring and support our Technical team provides to all participants and their families.



•Our Leadership Team will work with players and parents to stress the importance of the following values through sport, service and learning opportunities – ACTIVELY TEACH, ENCOURAGE, GUIDE AND NURTURE EACH CHILD AND ADULT TO:

1. Experience the game – actively participate‚Äč

2. Apply what you learn

3. Reflect on what you learned

4. Champion your own curiosity for more‚Äč

5. Compete for life